Homo sapiens shanidarensis Senyurek, 1957
Year: 1957
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: Shanidar 7
Status: Potentially valid

Senyurek (1957a) described a junvenile skeleton that the author considered to be distinct from European neanderthals, Pleistocene humans, and modern humans. Senyurek ascribed this fossil to Shanidar Man. in a subsequent publication (Senyurek, 1957b) the author provided additional comparison and statistical analysis. It is at the end of the second publication (p.117) where the author wrote, “I propose to name this new Mousterian race, represented by the Shanidar infant, Homo sapiens shanidarensis, after the cave in which it was found.”

Campbell (1965) cited Senyurek (1957) as the source for the name, but referenced the first publication in the bibliography rather than the second.

Additional References
The skeleton of the fossil infant found in Shanidar
Anatolia, 2, 49-55, 1957