Homo larterti Pycraft, 1925
Year: 1925
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Cro-Magnon
Status: Potentially valid
Remark: Nomen nudum

Pycraft (1925b) "Diagnosis of four species..." proposed Homo larterti based on Cro-Magnon. Pycraft (1925b) provided a brief description and also indicated a description in a prior report (apprarently intending Pycraft 1925a, "On the calavaria found...") but did not provide a reference to the report as required in Article 12. If the brief description in Pycraft is accepted and/or the reference to the earlier (1925a) report is considered a valid indication (as required in Article 12.2) then the name is available.

Pycraft (1925b) likely committed a lapsis calami in naming Homo larterti. He likely intending to name it after Eduard Lartet, who helped discover the Cro-Magnon fossils. Campbell (1965) listed the name as nomen nudem  and misspells it as 'laterti'.  Groves (1989 p. 291) emends it without note as 'larteti'.

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