Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis Forrer, 1908
Year: 1908
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Le Moustier 1
Status: Potentially valid

Forrer (1908, p. 53) established the name Homo transprimigenious mousteriensis with Le Mousterier as the type specimen. Forrer (1908) provided a brief descriptioin of Le Mousterir in comparision to specimens from Trinil and to Neanderthal and Spy. He interpreted Le Mousterier as being intermediate between Trinil and later Neanderthals.

Forrer (1908 p. 55) acknowledged the name Homo mousteriensis hauseri proposed by Klaatsch in a newspaper article in the 'frankfurter Zeitung' that first announced the discovery of Le Mousterier. It seems this article, or its mention by Forrer would serve to establish Homo mousteriensis hauseri Klaatsch, before Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis Forrer.  Determining which name has priority requires further investigation. For now, priority is given to Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis Forrer, 1908, following the lead of Campbell (1965).

Campbell (1965) and Groves both noted that Forrer (1908) established Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis based on Le Moustier.


Authorship Reference
R. Forrer
Urgeschichte des Europäers
Urgeschichte des Europäers, Jm Verlag and W. Spemman, Berlin and Stuttgart, 1908