Homo acheulensis moustieri Wiegers, 1915
Year: 1915
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Le Moustier 1
Status: Invalid
Remark: Objective synonym

Wiegers suggested the name Homo acheulensis moustieri for the remains from Le Moustier, France.  The relevant passage appears on page 70, (roughly translated from the german) "So the Acheulean age of Homo Mousteriensis is not in doubt; for the nomenclature it would have been better from the start to designate him Homo Acheulensis Moustieri or at least Homo Le Mousteriensis to be named because Hauser was aware of the real age of the skeleton and was by no means in the dark."

Campbell (1965) lists the subspecies as an available objective junior synonym to Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis.

Authorship Reference
Das geologische Alter des Homo Mousteriensis
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (ZfE) / Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology (JSCA), 47(1), 68-72, 1915