Homo sapiens proto-sapiens Montandon, 1943
Year: 1943
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Lectotype: Swanscombe
Status: Potentially valid

Montandon has Homo sapiens proto-sapiens as the subtitle for chapter IX of his 1943 book. In this chapter Mantondon describes Piltdown and Swanscombe A and B. Swanscombe C was not yet discovered. Campbell (1965) listed the name as valid and fixed Swanscombe as the lectotype. Groves (1989) listed this taxon as available and potentially valid provided the name is corrected to remove the hyphen (Article

Authorship Reference
G. Montandon
L'homme préhistorique et les préhumains
L'homme préhistorique et les préhumains, Payot, Paris, 1943