Homo marstoni Paterson, 1940
Year: 1940
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Lectotype: Swanscombe
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Nomen nudum

T. T. Paterson (1940) includes the entry "Homo marstoni (Swanscombe)" in a table outlining the main taxonomic groups of humans referenced in his discussion on paleolithic cultures. While numerous other taxa are mentioned, Homo marstoni is nowhere discussed in the text and appears only in the table. As best as can be determined this is the first published use of this name, however there is no description, no diagnosis, nor any reference to another published work containing a description of the taxon whatsoever. Thus, this act is an unambiguous nomen nudum and was noted as such by Campbell (1965).

Authorship Reference
Additional References
T. T. Paterson
Geology and Early Man: II
Nature, 146(3689), 49-52, 1940