Afaranthropus Bonde, 2012
Year: 2012
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
Holotype: A.L. 288-1
Status: Potentially valid

Bonde (2012) proposed a new genus, Afaranthropus with Homo antiquus Ferguson, 1984 as the type species. Homo antiquus is based on A.L. 288-1 as the type specimen. Homo antiquus is available but invalid because the name is pre-occupied by Homo antiquus Adloff, 1908. Article 67.2 of the Code indicates that a nominal species may be used as a type species for a genus if it is "cited in the original publication by an available name." Homo antiquus is so cited and available, thus Afaranthropus is potentially valid.

Authorship Reference
N. Bonde
Hominid Diversity and `Ancestor' Myths
Schilhab, T., Stjernfelt, F., Deacon, T. (Eds.) Biosemiotics, Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, 2012