Homo erectus wushanensis Huang et al., 1991
Year: 1991
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: CV.939.1
Status: Potentially valid

Huang et al. (1991, original text in Mandarin) established the name Homo erectus wushanensis for specimen CV.939.1 a partial mandible with p4-m1 discovered in 1984 from the site of Longgupo. The name is then cited soon after in Huang et al. (1995). Wei et al. (2014) provided an updated account of the site location, stratigraphy and archaeological finds. Bonde (2012) referenced this name as a possible synonym to Homo georgicus.

Authorship Reference
W. Huang , Q. R. Fang , and Others
Wushan hominid site
Wushan hominid site, Ocean, Beijing, 1991