Homo tsaichangensis McMenamin
Year: 2015
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: F051911
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Improperly published

Chang et al. (2015) described a partial mandible, Penghu 1, purchased from an antique dealer in Taiwan. The specimen was originally recovered by a fishing boat dredging the Penghu Straits off the coast of Taiwan. Similar vertebrate fauna recovered from the straits suggested a Pleistocene age. Chang et al. attributed the specimen to Homo sp. indet. 

McMenamin (2015), in what appears to be a self-published, 12-page book, proposed the name Homo tsaichangensis with the Penghu 1 mandible as holotype. It is not clear that print versions of the book were ever widely available in a manner that would fulfil the condition for numerous identical and durable copies set out in Article It is available as a pdf online. The work is registered with Zoobank but the published work does not contain evidence that the name is so registered as required by Articles and For these reasons we list the name as unavailable.

Authorship Reference
M. McMenamin
Homo tsaichangensis and Gigantopithecus
Homo tsaichangensis and Gigantopithecus, Meanma Press, 2015, ISBN 978-1-893882-19-5