Anthropopithecus Blainville, 1838
Year: 1838
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
No type specimen details available.
Status: Invalid
Remark: Homonym

Blainville (1838) established Anthropopithecus troglodytes, in reference to chimpanzees.

Brinton (1885) uses the name "anthropopithecus" in reference to ape-man and in contrast to "anthropus" for man. Brinton uses the name informally and not as a proposal for a new taxon.

Dubois (1892) used the genus name Anthropopithecus in a quarterly field report describing the initial finds from Trinil, and especially the partial cranium (calotte) referred to as Trinil 2 or "Skull 1". Dubois (1894) subsequently moved erectus to the genus Pithecanthropus.

Campbell (1965) noted that Anthropopithecus is an objective junior synonym for Pan Oken, 1816, as determined by a decision of the ICZN in case 1368 (Tubbs, 1985). The genus name is therefore available but objectively invalid.


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