Homo africanus Sergi, 1908
Year: 1908
Taxonomic Rank: Species
No type specimen details available.
Status: Potentially valid

Sergi (1908, p. 543) established Homo africanus as a variety of modern human. This same combination is later used by Eickstedt (1937) for extand humans and subsequently by Robinson (1972) in reference to Australopithicus africanus. According to Wood (2011), Robinson believed Australopithecus africanus belonged in Genus Homo, but recognizing Sergi's priority Robinson first proposed a new species, Homo transvaalensis. Later Robinson came to the opinion that Sergi's name was not available and since Eickstedt (1937) followed after Dart, Homo africanus (Dart, 1925) had priority. Wolpoff (1969) also employed the combination in reference to australopiths.