Paraustralopithecus Arambourg & Coppens 1967
Year: 1967
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
Holotype: OMO 18-1967-18
Status: Potentially valid

Arambourg and Coppens (1967) provided the first announcement of a newly discovered mandible, designated Omo 18-1967-18 to which the authors established the new genus and species Paraustralopithecus aeithipicus. The 1967 announcement proposed the name provisionally. Specifically they write ,"Nous le désignerons provisoirement sous le nom de Paraustralopithecus aethiopicus nov. gen. nov. sp." (p. 590). Yet, a footnote indicates that the fossil and name were formally registered with the French academy. This action would indicate a definitive proposal and thus 1967 is the year of authorship.

Arambourg and Coppens (1968) reerence the name unconditionally and refer to it in the past tense further indicating 1967 as the year of authorship.  See entry for Paraustralpithecus aethiopicus.

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