Palaeanthropus njarasensis Reck & Kohl-Larsen, 1936
Year: 1936
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Eyasi 1
Status: Potentially valid

Reck and Kohl-Larsen (1936 p. 429) proposed Palaeoanthropus njarasensis (genus name spelled with an "o") with Eyasi 1 as the holotype. They provided a description of the fossil, its geological context and comparisions with Kabwe and Neanderthals.

Campbell (1965) listed the name as available and potentially valid. He noted the Reck and Kohl-Larson (1936) spelling of the genus as an incorrect subsequent spelling (ISS) of Palaeanthropus Bonarelli, 1909. Szalay and Delson (1979 p. 509) listed Palaeoanthropus njarensis Reck and Kohl-Larsen, 1936 as an available junior synonym of Homo sapiens rhodesiensis Woodward, 1921. The Szalay and Delson spelling of the species epithet, "njarensis" is an incorrect subsequent spelling of the Reck and Kohl-Larson nomen. Groves (1989) listed Palaeoanthropus njarasensis Reck and Kohl-Larson, 1936 as an available junior synonym of Homo sapiens heidelbergensis Schoetensack, 1908. 

Correcting the subsequent misspellings of the genus name and species epithet we get Palaeanthropus njarasensis Reck and Kohl-Larsen, 1936 as the correct, full scientific name.