Palaeanthropus palestinus McCown & Keith, 1932
Year: 1932
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Lectotype: Skhul 1
Status: Potentially valid

McCown and Keith (1934) is an abstract related to a 1932 conference in which McCown and Keith proposed the name Palaeanthropus palestinus and during the talk provides sufficient anatomical description and comparison to warrant authorship of the name according to Campbell (1965).

Weidenreich attended the conference at which McCown and Keith proposed the name, and Weidenreich (1932) subsequently published a report attributing Palaeanthropus palestinensis (note difference in spelliing) to McCown and Keith.

Campbell (1965) noted that McCown and Keith treated the material from Zuttiyeh and Skhul as syntypes. Campbell (1965) designates Skhul 1 as the lectotype.

Groves (1989) recognizes P. palestinus McCown and Keith, 1934 as available and potentially valid.

Authorship Reference
T. D. McCown and A. Keith
Palaeanthropus palestinus
Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Prehistory and Protohistory society (London 1932), London., 1, 48, 1934