Pithecanthropus dubius von Koenigswald, 1949
Year: 1949
Taxonomic Rank: Species
No type specimen details available.
Status: Potentially valid

Von Koenigswald (1949 p. 110) established the name Pithecanthropus dubius to accommodate the 1939 mandibular fragment from Sangiran (Sangiran 5). Von Koenigwald wrote, "A third type, called Pithecanthropus dubius v. K. (because of his doubtful position) is represented by a jaw-fragment, found at Sangiran in 1939, the symphysis of which is different from Meganthropus (to which this jaw was originally attributed) as well as from Pithecanthropus B. The teeth show a specialized pattern."

Campbell (1965) lists this name as available and valid as does Groves (1989)

Authorship Reference
G. H. R. V. Koenigswald
The fossil hominids of Java
The Geology of Indonesia, 106-111, 1949