Homo (Javanthropus) soloensis Oppenoorth, 1932
Year: 1932
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Ng 1
Status: Potentially valid

Oppenoorth (1932) established the name Homo (Javanthropus) soloensis based on Ngandong. Campbell (1965) listed the name as available and potentially available with Ngandong 1 as the lectotype, however the english summary included with the original Oppenoorth publication clearly indicated the Ngandong 1 calvaria as the holotype for the taxon. Oppenoorth (1932 p. 63) wrote, "I think it justifiable to separate the Ngandong skull and call it Homo (Javanthropus) soloensis, n. subg., n. sp." Zeitoun et al. (2010) review the systematics and morphological variation among Indonesian fossils.

Authorship Reference
Oppenoorth and W. F. F.
Homo (Javanthropus) soloensis. Ein plistocene mensch van Java.
Wetenschappelijke mededeelingen, 20, 49-75, 1932